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Have you ever visited a new city and felt ‘wow’ about it? For many people, it happens in Renton, WA.

Renton may not be as big and famous as other cities in the US, but don’t let that fool you. The town is smaller but has earned itself a name as a perfect spot for tourists. You will be amused by some things to do and places to visit in this hidden destination in King County, Washington.

Renton residents and visitors have various choices for selecting incredible entertainment joints, dining and shopping, among other activities. If you have plans to tour the United States and are not sure if you will make a stop at Renton, keep reading. This article has put together some of the fun things to do in Renton, Washinton. Let’s walk together.

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Outdoor Activities

Renton, WA, is a city full of outdoor fun activities. Why not pay a visit to get a taste of these life time experiences? Some of the outdoor activities include:

Swimming and Water Play

Take part in unique water activities like surf, slide, splash, and float at the Henry Moses Aquatic Center. You can also participate in camps, lessons, and programs that combine water activities and fitness. Those who love swimming can head to Kennydale Beach Park or the Gene Memorial Park located at the south end of Lake Washington.

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Biking and Hiking

Hiking and biking are some of the fun activities in Renton. Whether trekking on foot or cycling on your bike, the city has a wealth of options when it comes to trail systems. If looking for a quiet stroll alongside water, visit Cedar River Trail Park, which offers varying difficulties. For a casual and more relaxed hike along maintained trails, check out at Creek Trail. Those that love taking challenges can try Red Town Meadow and Trails.

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Indoor Activities

There are several indoor activities to make your day complete in Reston. Some of the activities you cannot afford to miss while in the city include:

Movies and Entertainment

Grab some popcorns and a refreshing drink, then take a seat and watch the latest blockbuster at the 14-screen Regal Theater located at the Landing Shopping center. You can also visit the Renton Civic Theatre for a dramatic play or a comedic stand-up. For a more classic theatre experience, find your way to Carco Theatre, famous for showcasing independent productions and its state of art sound system.

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Gambling is another fun thing to do while in Renton, WA. Visit one of Renton’s casinos for a lifetime gambling experience. Fortune Casino Renton, for instance, provides the best baccarat action you will see in the globe and competitive jackpots. There is also the Silver Dollar Casino and Fortune Poker, where you also get an opportunity to enjoy great gatherings occasions for particular foods, sports, and a whole lot of fun.

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More Fun Activities in Renton


Shopping in Renton provides a great experience. It’s ranked as one of the best activities in Renton. Whether you are looking for a locally handcrafted gift or a brand-name product, the Renton retail market has your back. For fresh farm produce, visit the farmers market in Piazza for all your products. You can also enjoy unique shopping experiences at the Landing, a 600,000 square foot urban village.

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You’ll be surprised by the number of dining establishments Renton offers that are perfect for special occasions, family events, and everyday eats. For example, you can grab a meal at a Melrose Grill located in the historic 1901 building. You can also grab breakfast and a cup of coffee at Peyrassol Café, located in downtown Renton, Washington.

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We found that Renton, Washington offers some of the best hotels. These accommodations are not only luxurious but also come at an affordable price!

We scoured all of the best hotels in Renton, Washington. We wanted a place that was clean and comfortable with lots of amenities for our family getaway but didn’t want to spend too much time out on vacation from work or school!

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