Commercial Services

Commercial buildings need dependable partners to keep things running smoothly. That’s why garage doors are such an essential component of any commercial building! We have many styles, colors and materials available for your choice–give us a call today so we can help you design the perfect door just right!

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Get in touch with  our Renton Garage Door professionals today and get a free, no obligation check-up and estimate on your project or repair. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering you professional, expert garage door services. 

Garage doors are such an essential fixture of our homes and businesses that it’s estimated you open and close them at least 1,500 times per year!

We at Perfection Garage Door pride ourselves on being the most reliable garage door company in Renton. We offer a wide range of services, including installation and repairs to maintenance jobs that are sure take care all your needs! Our team uses only high-quality tools with proven track records for success so you can feel confident knowing we’ll do what’s best based on our experience plus provide labor warranties too if needed by customers who want them – this way everyone wins!!

Commercial Door Replacement and Repair

The commercial doors at Perfection Garage Door are designed to provide your business with a high-quality solution, whether you’re looking for overhead garage doors or rolling steel gate solutions. We offer products that meet the needs of many industries and supporting services such as installation & maintenance contracts so it’s easy finding the perfect fit!

Keep your business safe

The garage door to your business is more than just an entrance; it’s also the thing that keeps you safe. If something goes wrong with this crucial piece of equipment, then both customers and employees might have trouble getting in or out, which can lead to not only tedious downtime but potential loss of revenue as well! The safety and security risks associated with a garage door that isn't closing are daunting. Anyone could potentially have access to walk into your building. There's no guarantee of keeping people or other things away from entering while the doors remain open (and this also means potential theft), not to mention how much time you'll save by having someone watch over them!

Reduce Extra Costs

With proactive repairs, you can save money and avoid emergency repairs in a crucial situation. We'll also be there to help with routine maintenance services that will assess the risk for minor or major issues down the line! By staying proactive with your repairs, you can save money on unnecessary repeated trips to the auto shop and avoid an emergency repair in a crucial situation. Our team will also service any minor or major issues before they become too much trouble for you!

Keep yor Curb Appeal fresh

The curb appeal of your building is important to have. The appearance of your building can make or break the success rate of any company. If customers can sense that it won't be clean and professional, they may avoid coming into contact with what you offer or even just drive past without stopping by, while other companies might shy away from renting space near you because they are afraid that it visuals will drive potential audiences away! The exterior design should also reflect how well-maintained everything else inside will probably feel - which means picking out paint colors accordingly too!


Commercial garage doors are an excellent way to give your building’s exterior a polished look. They come with either sectional or roll-up designs, and can withstand heavy use in both commercial buildings as well residential ones due their durable construction that includes steel hinges which last longer than other types of hardware on the market today!

Commercial garage doors are the perfect way to give your business an upgrade! Whether you need sleek or traditional styles, we’ve got what it takes. With our commercialized roller shades and sectional pieces in all colors imaginable for any budget – there’s no job too big nor small when dealing with us here at Perfection Garage Door & more importantly-you’ll always look good doing so!

garage door opener

Perfection Garage Door provides you with a wide range of services that are tailored to meet your needs.

Let our team of professionals handle your garage door needs. Whether you need an installation or repair, we’ve got the experience and expertise to get it done right! We understand that every home is different and we work hard to find the perfect solution for you. Our 20+ year track record of providing affordable garage door services in your area speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence!

You can rely on our team for all installation, repair, and maintenance jobs big or small! We offer competitive prices while still maintaining excellent workmanship and customer satisfaction throughout each project we take on at Perfection Garage Doors – so what are waiting? Call Today

emergency services always available

When your garage door breaks during business hours, it can cause major delays and issues. You may need to open the doors for deliveries or access tools in order fix problems with inventory management- not only will this take time but you also risk losing valuable production space if there’s an emergency on-site! 

When you need garage door services, whether it’s over the weekend or during business hours — Perfection Garage Door will be there for your convenience. We understand that sometimes our customers’ needs can’t wait and we’re committed to getting them back up and running as soon possible!

In order to understand why it may seem like there is something wrong with the opener itself, you need to know that the garage door opener in Renton is not what make it easy to open and close the garage, but it is actually the garage door spring system. And when something is wrong with the spring system like if the spring broke or one of the cables snapped, or if you did not maintain your garage door in Renton on time (Garage door in Renton should be lubricated every 6 months), it is only a matter of time before the opener won’t be able to lift the door without the help of the springs, since it is something that it is not supposed to do. So if there is a problem with your garage door in Renton, contact a garage door repairman in Renton ASAP to come and fix it for you. If you will not do that, soon you will need to install a new garage opener in Renton. call Garage Doors Renton at (425) 264-8378 

Need help with your garage door?

Get in touch with our Renton Garage Door professionals today and get a free, no-obligation check-up and estimate on your project or repair. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering you professional, expert garage door services.