The Best Pizza shops in Renton, Washington

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If you’re looking for the best pizza in Renton, Washington, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite pizza shops in the area, so you can enjoy a delicious slice of pie without having to leave town. From classic cheese pizzas to gourmet toppings, these places have something for everyone. So put on your stretchy pants and get ready to chow down!

The Top 5 Best Pizza Shops in Renton, Washington!

Smoking Monkey Pizza

Our Smoking Monkey Pizza is out of this world! Literally. We use the finest ingredients from all across our galaxy, and each pizza is hand-crafted to perfection. Whether you’re looking for a classic cheese pizza or something more exotic, we’ve got you covered. So why wait? Order your Smoking Monkey Pizza today!

Smoking Monkey Pizza A top view of Smoking monkey pizza Renton Washington

Angelo's Pizza & Spaghetti

Angelo’s Pizza & Spaghetti is a casual outpost for made-to-order pizzas and traditional pasta dishes. You’ll find all of your favorite Italian classics here, including beer and wine to complete the experience. So whether you’re in the mood for a classic like spaghetti and meatballs or something more adventurous like Anchovies pizza, Angelo’s has you covered. Stop by today and enjoy some delicious comfort food!

Angelo's Pizza & Spaghetti Renton Washington

Vince's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

If you’re looking for a no-frills Italian dining experience, Vince’s is the place for you. Our pasta and pizza dishes are simple but tasty and can be enhanced by your choice of add-ons. Plus, our rustic Tuscan farmhouse decor makes for a uniquely charming atmosphere. So come on over to Vince’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Vince's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria Renton Washington

The Rock Wood Fired Pizza

The Rock Wood Fired Pizza is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family. Our rock-inspired menu offers something for everyone, and our full-service bar provides the perfect drinks to complement your meal. Whether you’re visiting us for lunch, dinner, or happy hour, we’re sure to provide an enjoyable experience that you’ll love.

The Rock Wood Fired Pizza Renton Washington

Pizza Addict

Introducing Pizza Addict, your new favorite pizzeria! Our authentic wood oven was imported all the way from Naples, Italy to bring you creative and delicious pizzas which cook at 900° and are ready in minutes. You’ll love our huge variety of toppings, including some unique combinations that you won’t find anywhere else. So come on down and indulge in a little bit of pizza addiction today!

Pizza Addict Renton Washington Pizza

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