The first step in terms of getting your garage door spring service, that Renton trusts, is knowing what kind of spring system you have. There are two main spring systems: Torsion Springs and Extension Springs.

Torsion springs are located above the opening of your door with springs that slide onto a bar. Extension spring systems can be found alongside the opening of the door. It’s important to know whether or not a garage door company provides service for your needs. Our professionally trained technicians are fully equipped to work on torsion and extension spring systems.

Spring Service Best Practices

Every homeowner can relate to how life’s inconveniences are thrown at you at the worst possible times. The last thing you want to happen is have your car stuck in the garage when you need it most, especially when it’s only been a couple months, weeks, or even days after your last garage door repair! That’s why we lead by example and follow the industry’s best practices in order to make the best recommendation to homeowners each time we step foot in a garage. call Garage Doors Renton at (425) 264-8378


Most garage doors have two springs installed at the same time, when one breaks it's safe to say the second spring's life expectancy has just about expired. In order to save you from future inconvenience, unsafe garage door practices, and damaging your garage door opener, we will usually recommend to replace both springs. If you've had the same tires on your car for a while and one blows out while you're driving, wouldn't you replace them both? It's extremely important to properly maintain equipment such as garage doors and automobiles.


Since garage doors come in all weights and sizes, the right springs need to be installed in order to properly balance the door. If a technician puts the wrong spring on your door, not only will this damage your garage door system, but it will cause the garage door opener to do more work than it was built to do. This is why our technicians only install the right springs for the door's weight and check their work by performing a balance test. call Garage Doors Renton at (425) 264-8378


With every spring repair, we provide a free safety inspection to make sure all the hardware and moving parts on your door are in good working condition and meet safety standards. Since the hardware was probably installed at the same as the springs, it's possible there are worn mechanical parts on your door that are in an unsafe state. Think about spring failure as a symptom to a possibly larger problem with your door. This is why it's a Best Practice to provide a free safety inspection and maintain a safe environment for our customers. call Garage Doors Renton at (425) 264-8378

What Is The Function Of A Garage Door Spring?

Contrary to popular belief, the torsion or extension spring – not the opener or motor, does all the heavy lifting. The garage door springs on your garage door maintain its equilibrium and are essential for its proper functioning, and your home’s security.

In essence, this means that a garage door spring is supposed to make it easier on an opener’s motor, and lighter for you to lift on your own. For this to happen, however, it must be properly balanced.

To check the balance of your door:

  • Ensure that the door is securely closed.
  • Disengage the garage door opener from the garage door by pulling the manual release rope straight down.
  • Once disengaged, lift the door about three feet off the ground with your hands, and let go.
  • A properly balanced door should stay open. If it closes immediately contact a professional garage door repair company.

How can I tell if my garage spring needs repair?

It is important for you to realize that garage door springs are under an immense amount of tension. Once a spring reaches its life expectancy, it may break without little to any notice, thus causing all tension to be effectively released and making it ineffective at counterbalancing the door.

To ensure your safety and security, we urge you to halt further use of the door, and immediately contact a professional garage door repair company.

The garage door spring typically fails while it is in the down position due to having the most tension while in this position. This, however, is not to say that the door spring could not fail while the garage door is in a raised position or while it is in operation. This is just one of the reasons why you should NEVER walk under a garage door while it is in motion.

Here are some of the more common signs that your garage door springs are broken or about to break

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